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Palm Springs // Mwah!

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson Palm Springs inspiration - The Barbet lounge package

Palm Springs holds a special place in my heart … it’s where I spent my honeymoon, and (more importantly?) it’s where my love for mid-century modern furniture skyrocketed! I’m now totally addicted to anything Eames.

So it should be no surprise that I’ve been very excited to add more mid-century pieces to our collection. One of …

Pieces by Violet // Illustrated

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson illustrated_featured_image

Feast your eyes on this … a bespoke collection of Pieces by Violet illustrations! Created by Rebecca Harrison-Ruddock, an amazing illustrator, blossoming mother, and lovely friend from England. Her technique usually consists of a continuous line, often drawn with her left hand (even though she’s right-handed!), to create a beautifully textured and detailed illustration. Her …

Hello // The Spruce

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson the_spruce_blogpage

There’s something very sweet about reading an old postcard. The touches of love, the destination as it once was, the glimpse of a stranger’s wishes and hopes. What can be more intriguing than finding a message that has been lost in time?

Our collection of vintage postcards, called The Spruce, have been hand-picked …

Grey-cious Green

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson grey_cious_green_blog_page

Grey may be associated with rainy skies, but not here at Pieces by Violet, we LOVE this color.  Anyway, I’m English, so I have to like the rain.

Grey is very versatile, we particularly think it’s fabulous with an ombre of green. This stunning Cole & Son Ltd. wallpaper is the perfect complement for such a color …

Opposites Attract

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson opposite_attract_board_blogpage_3

I love the simple pureness of an all white setting, it gives you a blank canvas to make your own! So how about adding some contrast with black vintage details, and then luxe it up with some sparkles of gold? I also love the Chesterfield wallpaper in this inspiration board, and who would have …

A Few Before & Afters

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson Avocet-and-Ouzel-Before-and-After

After all of those months of searching, renovating and reupholstering, we’ve finally arrived here, at the launch of Pieces by Violet! Welcome! It’s been a busy few months, but it has all been worth it. During my search I stumbled upon many interesting finds; the ones that you instantly fall in love with, the ones …