Love/Make, A Wedding Expo by The Bold Italic

Posted in // Shows and Expos, by Kate Wilkinson

Last Sunday was the Bold Italic’s amazing wedding expo in San Francisco, called Love/Make. It was always going to be something a little different (even the slogan was ‘The Indie Wedding Expo For People Who Hate Wedding Expos’). Fifty unique vendors were there (including us!), and together we presented something that was alternative, creative, and super fun. Laurie (of From SF With Love), came along to see us, and snapped the amazing shots below.


Here’s our set-up … we hope you love it! Our booth was eclectic, to say the least. We decided to setup two lounges, and invite everyone in to take a break (with a cocktail). To show the diversity of our pieces, we styled one lounge as mid-century modern and the other as French neoclassical. It really worked! We also took along our amazing Larak workbench to both add some rustic charm and support our VIOLET sign.


We had a sunny spot, which made all of the florals and small details we took just pop with color and life.


I was feeling extra creative the week before the expo, so I thought I’d try to make some dividers for our booth. I came up with the macrame and eucalyptus walls you can see in the shots. So much fun, and I love to see projects like this come together!


Thank you to everyone who hung out in our booth, and congratulations to all the brides-and-grooms-to-be who came to say hi!

Photography by From SF With Love

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