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Bohemian Jewel Toned Wedding Inspiration

Posted in // Inspiration & Press, by Kate Wilkinson bohemian_jewel_toned_wedding_inspiration_bride_two

Set deep into Northern California wine country, Annadel Estate is a picturesque winery with a tone, color and feel all of its own. So when Buzzworthy Events suggested a bohemian wedding inspiration shoot at Annadel, I just had to get involved! My not-so-secret other reason for doing the shoot was my love of returning to …

Michelle and Daniel’s Vintage Winery Wedding

Posted in // Inspiration & Press, by Kate Wilkinson vintage_winery_wedding_home_page

Way back in the spring we were just about to launch into our first wedding season, with lots of hope and excitement for what laid ahead. We’ve just come out of the other side, with what couldn’t have been a more amazing whirlwind of a season. It was filled with fun, beauty and lots and …

California Fall Wedding Inspiration

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Fall in California is so beautiful! For a Brit it takes some time to get used to the sun shining brightly … in October. But here we are, the sun is beaming, and the Fall colors are perfect for a wedding inspiration shoot. So this time we set off to Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley with …

Grecian Wedding Inspiration

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One of my favorite things about working at Pieces by Violet is the amazing photo shoots that we get to be involved with. I love collaborating with creative people, and seeing how our talents can come together to create a little bit of magic! The shoots are often long days, but also lots of fun, and the …

Palm Springs // Mwah!

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson Palm Springs inspiration - The Barbet lounge package

Palm Springs holds a special place in my heart … it’s where I spent my honeymoon, and (more importantly?) it’s where my love for mid-century modern furniture skyrocketed! I’m now totally addicted to anything Eames.

So it should be no surprise that I’ve been very excited to add more mid-century pieces to our collection. One of …

Pieces by Violet // Illustrated

Posted in // Collection, by Kate Wilkinson illustrated_featured_image

Feast your eyes on this … a bespoke collection of Pieces by Violet illustrations! Created by Rebecca Harrison-Ruddock, an amazing illustrator, blossoming mother, and lovely friend from England. Her technique usually consists of a continuous line, often drawn with her left hand (even though she’s right-handed!), to create a beautifully textured and detailed illustration. Her …

Hello // The Spruce

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There’s something very sweet about reading an old postcard. The touches of love, the destination as it once was, the glimpse of a stranger’s wishes and hopes. What can be more intriguing than finding a message that has been lost in time?

Our collection of vintage postcards, called The Spruce, have been hand-picked …

Grey-cious Green

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Grey may be associated with rainy skies, but not here at Pieces by Violet, we LOVE this color.  Anyway, I’m English, so I have to like the rain.

Grey is very versatile, we particularly think it’s fabulous with an ombre of green. This stunning Cole & Son Ltd. wallpaper is the perfect complement for such a color …

Opposites Attract

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I love the simple pureness of an all white setting, it gives you a blank canvas to make your own! So how about adding some contrast with black vintage details, and then luxe it up with some sparkles of gold? I also love the Chesterfield wallpaper in this inspiration board, and who would have …