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Retro Glam Rockstar Wedding

Posted in // Inspiration & Press, by Mel Willis Phillip-Kari-Wedding-Photo310

We ended the summer with a BANG! The couple, Kari & Phillip, took over the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA to steal the show! The wedding was set in the Regency’s¬†historic¬†ballroom. Over 6,000 square feet of stage and floor were transformed into a sea of fresh flowers, vintage furniture, and happy guests.

Michelle and Daniel’s Vintage Winery Wedding

Posted in // Inspiration & Press, by Kate Wilkinson vintage_winery_wedding_home_page

Way back in the spring we were just about to launch into our first wedding season, with lots of hope and excitement for what laid ahead. We’ve just come out of the other side, with what couldn’t have been a more amazing whirlwind of a season. It was filled with fun, beauty and lots and …